Wills & Probate

Watchman Probate property insurance

  • Same day cover usually available
  • Initial deposit only
  • Balance of premium is deferred until the house is sold
  • NO risk of ‘gaps’ in the cover period and you pay only for the period of cover you need
  • Watchman Insurance is provided for up to one year at a time and apart from a small initial deposit, you can settle the entire insurance premium when the house is sold.

The premium is ‘deferred’

Watchman insurance premiums are paid when the property is sold. The premium is calculated on a daily basis according to the length of time on cover. Based on our own analysis of current Internet offerings, we believe that you will not better our premiums on a like-for-like basis with any other reputable insurance company.

NB Watchman Insurance is normally only available for probate properties that have been empty for no more than a year and this can include some ‘being sold to fund care’ situations. Other unoccupied properties can still benefit from our market search and cover service but there, premiums are generally ‘paid up front’

For a brochure and application form, please download here:

Unoccupied property

Houses and other properties that have become unoccupied are sometimes difficult to insure and terms and conditions vary widely. We understand that you may have to demonstrate to other parties that you have tried hard to get cover at the best terms you can but insurance is not your core business, so why not let us do the market exercise for you? TSG insurance has access to a number of specialist ‘broker only’ services that we can use on your behalf. Please call us for a quote (please have as much information to hand as possible including: rebuild cost, building construction and current condition, future plans for the property, how long empty, when cover expired, claims in the last 3 years etc)

Trustees Indemnity

Solicitors often act for and advise various charities and trusts. The officers of these bodies are subject to a duty of care and are potentially liable for their actions whether or not they were well intentioned. Since the Charities Act 2006, trustees are able to use the charity's funds to buy personal indemnity insurance and this would be both a prudent and responsible purchase.

TSG insurance has several insurance partners willing to cover these responsibilities at proportional levels of premium. Please ask for details