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In an era of very confusing dot coms and annoying opera singers our mission is to take the stress out of buying insurance and to reintroduce the personal touch.

All of our advisors are well-trained, personable professionals who delight in helping busy practitioners to save time in buying the right insurance. And in reality you will often achieve a better deal with a lot less effort if you let our professionals handle your requirements.

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Car insurance Internet rates can change by the minute depending on whether the insurer is making their sales target or not, so we will not claim to be able to beat most standard online offerings. Where we do excel is with insurance for specialist vehicles, family fleets / multi-vehicle requirements or drivers with difficult driving records.

Independent advice on financial services

Would you prefer to speak to an independent financial advisor with no links to the practice? We can facilitate an introduction to one of the UKs top financial advisors on a no-obligation basis. Independent Financial Advisors