Marketing Services

Marketing assistance and scheme development

Through our extensive experience in the legal market we already understand how law firms tick and the marketplace for legal services. We know how to write compliant copy first time every time and this means we can guarantee to help you avoid the slow learning curve you will experience with most marketing service providers many of whom fail to understand the legal marketplace and the special demands of the SRA. The consequence is a time-absorbing learning curve as they come up to speed, at your expense. We have no desire to supplant your own marketing team. We offer to work with them, project by project, as an additional creative and sales resource.

The Marketing Toolbox

We offer a wide range of innovative marketing and sales literature that we can easily tailor to your requirements and badge-up in your own house livery.

Adverts, posters, leaflets they are all prepared and ready to run, allowing campaigns to hit the decks running.

Dedicated Sales resources

Most law firms admit to lacking depth of resources in sales, especially sales people who are capable of conversing competently with potential clients on a professional basis, in a manner that frees up fee-earners time. We offer such resources either on a project basis or as an integrated part of our marketing partnership services.

For details of our marketing consultancy services please contact Brian Dunk