Employment protection insurance

We advocate that unless your clients existing legal expenses policy allows them to use their own solicitor, it is probably not worth the paper it is written on. We have pioneered affordable employment services in partnership with local professional law firms and with dovetailed insurance and claims integrity built-in.

For the client it means balance sheet protection from unexpected employment related legal costs and their own solicitor on call via an annual retainer all for a pre-agreed and budgeted monthly cost.

We offer

  • Standalone employment insurance with
    • NO requirement for exclusivity and
    • NO minimum volume commitments
  • Sales and marketing assistance with a range of off-the-peg sales literature free to supporting firms
  • Continuity for clients switching insurer
  • optional TUPE cover
  • Best in class standard policy wording
  • No minimum prospects clause
  • Choice of claims handling hourly rates £150 / £175 / £200 per hour
  • Monthly premiums

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Never knowingly unreasonable

One of the key features of our employment insurance service is that your firm will be appointed as the claims handler of the insurer on pre-agreed terms. To a large extent that agreement puts you in control of service issues but when ET claims occur you need the comfort of knowing that the insurers will respond fairly and quickly and without pedantically hiding behind wordings. We would like you to know that our insurers claims service was voted the industrys best* in a recent independent insurance market survey. Fast, fair and never knowingly unreasonable' thats TSGs award winning employment claims service.
*Source: Post Magazine Legal Expenses survey

Your first step

You will need to complete a practice application form so that we can approve the firm and set up a claims handling agreement. Unlike other providers, we will NOT ask you to sign an exclusivity agreement with us, nor will we insist on unrealistic minimum sales targets being achieved. There is no minimum term to the agreement we believe that you will support us loyally if our service, product and terms are the best on offer and if that changes then we will not be deserving of the wide solicitor support that has helped propel us to market leadership in this type of insurance.

Once your firm is approved we will provide a log-in link to our employment web site for quotations and documentation. For a downloadable practice application form CLICK HERE