Commercial Litigation

Commercial ATE and Funding

At the time of writing (Sept 11) and post-Jackson we are not yet certain exactly how far litigation will change relative to costs shifting and premium recovery. Whatever the outcome we stand prepared with a range of ATE and litigation funding services.

Unlike those intermediaries who have become post-boxes for insurance, we pride ourselves on a personal service and on having strong personal relationships with many ATE providers. We offer to discuss and review the available funding options to you case by case in an objective manner before partnering you and your client in the litigation process.

Please call Brian Dunk to discuss further

Total Legal Care its TLC for a business

Our unique TLC service for businesses is designed for SMEs and effectively provides them with an affordable 'in-house' legal service backed by the widest legal expenses insurance. It means that almost all of the large unexpected legal bills that could otherwise derail a company's finances are either pre-paid or insured.

TLC will help a business pursue as well as defend actions and meets many large costs (such as an award of damages for Discrimination) that are simply not covered by most trade associations or business combined policies.